"Her feet dance upon disappointment for her soul has found the one whom it longs for.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow her all the days of her life…"

As we brought WAN.DER.GRACE together with the wonderful styling team at Grace Creations Fiji ,we knew that we wanted this shoot to explore a more intimate,sensual side to a marriage in a graceful way.Did we achieve that?You be the judge.

On the sultry day,I prayed for a little sunlight at sunset as we made our way through the wobbly trees and winding paths to our final spot of the day.As soon as we stepped into the area,a ray of sunshine literally lit up our model,Betty.We rushed to capture her bathing in that gorgeous gold,each second knowing it would be the last of that light.But when we exhausted all our ideas and Betty finally picked up her skirts to leave,then and only then did the heavens cloud over again.

Here is the day through our eyes,enjoy xx


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